Monday, February 12, 2007

tree hug

Thought you might like to see the hugs I have so far. Still need people and baby. I think I am going to scratch the blob but I am going to post it here anyway. Looks like they get cut off a bit in the blog post but you get the picture.
tree hug

free hug

bear hug

Blob hug

Ali G Anti Nuke protest

Ali G and treehuggers

Friday, February 9, 2007

'Fast Forward/Rewind'

Space invaders
'Fast Forward/Rewind'
Artists focus on time and technology in dynamic new installation
more here

future: the good ancestor principal

i think i want to be a futurist now...

The "Good Ancestor Principle" is based on a challenge posed by Jonas Salk:
...the most important question we must ask ourselves is, “Are we being good ancestors?” Given the rapidly changing discoveries and conditions of the times, this opens up a crucial conversation – just what will it take for our descendants to look back at our decisions today and judge us good ancestors?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

there's no fun in martyrdome

leave water running
throw your dirty clothes and dishes in the garbage
use airasol air freshenersout the window of your suv on the highway

the future, some links

Hawaii research center for future studies

Jemais Cascio

The BBC game: Climate Challenge

Monday, February 5, 2007

Hug / Future

Hug footage. It came out ok, but I think there are things that could be added which I would love to discuss on Wed. I am writing them here so I don't forget.

-drawing frames
-additional hugging establishers possible forms: new footage/ photos/ drawings. Possible topics: Tree hug, 2 people hug. People hug animal. panda. snake hugs you. People hug object. You hug bushman at Fisherman's wharf, animal cuddle, people hug baby, hug a box, hug asparagus, hug bicycle. ...
-technical 1: card/info integration for Michelle Blade. Group Hug Artist Organizer.
-technical 2: Sound, most of the sound is disposable, meaning I think music would enhance the content more. I have music ideas...


1. What do you think the future will be like?
2. What do you want the future to be like?
3. What is your timeframe for the future?


Friday, January 26, 2007

Testing animation

Hi. I tried animating in IMovie. This is how it came out.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Memory Game: a few questions for you


your drawing looks great. how are they coming along? please send/post what ever you've got so i can begin editing them in. also, please let me know when you will be done with all of them.

you animation idea sounds cool. we can try it if you decided to go ahead with the color/scan process.

I havent heard from Ken about when would be good so if you want to do the voice for Memory Game, lets do that. What time are you coming over tomorrow? I can pick you up from the train in the rental car.

i tried to set up an interview this week for our next video but they havent responded. I dont want to be pushy. So I shot some other stuff instead. Its kind of an intro/Lila at the Ecoranch type thing. I might call it Imelda of the Ecovillage and include the shoe stuff in it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Memory - notes

Hi there. I had some things I wanted to throw out there regarding memory project.

love meditation

-My initial thought about the drawing was to scan it and color it and maybe make the color slightly animated by saving frames as they are colored. It is a little like a coloring book page. It would be neat to get footage of children coloring print outs of it in a classroom or other place. It would be neat to scan their colored pictures and scan and put those colored pictures in the mix. I realize that might be unrealistic but the idea might lead to something more managable.

-if Ken can't pin down some time to record, I feel like I could probably pull off if we want to move on.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

for your reference - new einstein photo

the other was too small to use

for your reference - new fela photo

the other one was to small to use

in response

i am making cards for the following:

mother teresa/generosity
anne frank/optimism

i will get definitions for legend homage and hero. i've got memory commemorate and remember.

i am beigining to waiver on the deifinitions idea, but i think we should record ken and see how it works.

for the drawings: go for it: make em saints, draw them with love. i am secretly hoping you will get to draw all of them. but i understand if you cant.

a special illustration for MLK sounds good. maybe in the match game, he can be the last card picked up, and his word match card will have all the words. i think he gets all the words (above) hows that sound?

i'd like to stick to either the sesmae street vibe or the educational film vibe. we can shoot additional footage to open the piece, and we can play match on the grass outside so it feels continuous. It was a rare occasion when sesmane street was outside...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cesar Chavez - Unity, Progress, Change

Cesar Chavez - Unity, Progress, Change

Mother Teresa - giving, generosity

Mother Teressa -generosity

Memory - Other ideas

-Fariy tales? Pinocio - honesty? Tortoise - Patience?
Diety ? Ganesh - to encourage the idea of memory associated with childhood and something less scientific? Just ideas.

-Possible Definition words...
Memory, Memorial, Remembering, rememberance, legend?, hommage, dedication,

-Possible illustration use. Humour me, I gotta a hard time expressing this because I havent been able to work it out in my mind. I'm trying to make the connection between simple scientific definition of memory and the way we remember a person like MLK with love, emotion and how he becomes a symbol for something we have in our heart. Somehow, through the memory game, childhood association, words images we connect this illustration of MLK which in my mind is a grphic representation of him with the visual embelishment of his image, sort of in the way saints are portayed in catholicism or buddhism. What do you think of this idea? I know the illustration idea has gone a long way since it first came into discussion, and if you think it might not make sense I understand.

I see the video as we have discussed it and then possible lead ins.

-some quick shots of something non people, like sun on the water, bird in the trees, grass moving and maybe no sound, sounds of children, or maybe Ken saying the definition of MLK's word or words hope, the sound which leads into and over the illustration still.

-all the words that apply to MLk into the illustration.

like brainstorming.

Dalai Lama - Peace

Dalai Lama

Memory project - other ideas

-Old film effect, super 8 effect, like old educational film look, Could be used to support ken voice educational retro athetic and also as an editing tool to possibly jump to illustration.

-called ken. left msg. texted you his number fyi

-educational films comp video

Fela words

Fela Kuti -


Nelson Mandela - Freedom

Nelson Mandela

Georgia O'keeffe - Beauty

Georgia Okeeffe

John Lennon

John Lennon

che is to rebellion

che is to rebellion
Originally uploaded by low rent princess.

anne frank is to optimism

music is to bringing people together

MLK JR is to racial equality

Gandhi is to nonviolence

fela is to....

fela is to....
Originally uploaded by low rent princess.

einstien is to thought

einstien is to thought
Originally uploaded by low rent princess.

Match game photo set 1

Match game photo set 1
Originally uploaded by low rent princess.

Match game photo set 1

Match game photo set 1
Originally uploaded by low rent princess.


anne frank is to optimism
helen keller is to determination
che is to rebellion.

ok, going to get some groceries, then will look for images

match game/memory list 1

MLK is to racial equality
Gandhi is to non violence
Einststien is to Thought
heroes are to progressive society
music is to bringing people together
freedom is to individuality
human rights is to life
kindness is to humanity
genocide is to halocaust
conservation is to earth
FELA KUTI is to the most awesome dude ever.
(we might have to edit that one. but i would love to put fela in there.)

Match Game/Memory

I started making my list, and realised that I only had 2 human names in there. the rest are concepts. so i started looking up "heroes."

what do you think, people? concepts? a mix of both?

I"ll publish a list soon.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Wild horse email.

I'm gonna use the wildhorsesociety at gmail dot com for vlog related correspondance if that's ok. I just sent a mail to Freeman about upload location. I also posted on wildhorsesociety- I hope it's ok, let me know if you would rather I didn't share other videos on there.

Friday, January 5, 2007

beach questions, new ideas

I like your questions. here are some other possibilities:

how did you learn about the event
why are you here
do you think being here will effect change and how

cards could be nice because we would get these nice images of people reading them and reflecting on the questions. maybe interviewiees would feel less inclined to rush the talking.

i think it would be good to pick an arbitrary way of picking people to interview. What if we approached people that were only wearing red jackets/sweaters? A desicion like that would also lead to some visual unification if we decide to show people talking. what are your thoughts on this?

I got an e-mail back from one of the organisers, Brad. Were you cc'd? He said we could follow him around at the event if we wanted, exept if we was talking to his daughter.

And about the future. I will put ideas for upcoming projects in index cards and keep them here. So the project about the future will be one of them!

also, btw, I think Freeman is buying the url he thinks it will come in handy.

Cards for wild horse: yeah lets print out some tonight. I think my stamp kit is coming in the mail (i think i packed it) so maybe we could make some handmade ones too. or some stickers? Freeman and I talked briefly about promotion last night. But I think we should wait until there are a few videos up before we really go for it.

Project 1: Beach Impeach~ notes

Questions for volunteers. It might be neat instead of having interviewer on camera to talk to the people before rolling and hand them a a card with for example - Please tell us your name, where you are from and how your journey began today? Something like that. I think it would be intersting to hear about what people went through to get to the beach - if they came from far away etc. Also of course "what made you decide to participate in this event?" We might also ask people what they hope for the future. This might be a lead to another project- The future. I would love to interview people about a- what they think the future will be like and b- what they would like the future to be like. Another side note- It might be good to print out cards with the video blog address on it so poeple can check it out later, maybe we can talk more about that tonight and print some stuff out, I have card stock here.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Project 1: Beach Impeach

On Saturday, January 6, 2007 (just two days after the new US Congress convenes), 1,200 people will gather for an impeachment event in Nancy Pelosi’s back yard — on Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Early that morning, in 100-foot letters stretching 450 feet across the sand, volunteers from the Beach Impeach Project will outline the message:

I M P E A C H !

more infor

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Kids Community Worldwide.

A while back we met Julia and Aicha when they came through San Francisco on their global trip interviewing children. Here is an 8 minute video - just the begining of the video documentary process. You can see many photos on their site Bonjour Bonjour.


No planning!